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Delete ad

If you have sold the product or do not want to offer the product anymore through City Marcet Online, then remove the ad. This can be done through the website.

How do I delete my ad?

Go to edit ad and delete your ad:


Recognize and prevent phishing

Phishing is fishing for personal information such as passwords and bank account numbers. This happens in several ways, for example via text messages, e-mail and fake websites.

How can I recognize phishing?

You often receive an email requesting you to click on a link. You will then arrive on a website where you are asked to log in. This fake website sometimes appears exactly on the site you are familiar with.
Phishing emails often provide a request for personal information. For some reason, they should be updated, verified, or verified.
A phishing email often contains text that has been retrieved by a translation computer, and therefore often has misspellings or strangely sounding sentences.
The fraudsters would like a quick response. That's why they often rely on your fear of getting bogged down or losing your account.

What should I look for to prevent phishing?

If you receive an email asking for a link, please check the email address and never provide personal information or passwords.
Do not share your access key / password with anyone.
Use unique access key / passwords for all your online accounts.
Be wary of providing data:

We do not send emails asking us for your password.
We also do not send emails with the request to change your email address.
We never ask for credit card or bank details in an email.
We never ask for verification.

Ask your question to our customer service

Please complete the form as fully as possible. You will receive a response from us within one day.


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